Welcome to Bailey & Bailey Reptiles. The Bailey & Bailey part primarily refers to my wife, Monica, and myself. The other two are my daughter, Shelby, and my son, Bryce. I handle most of the snake related end of the business while my wife takes care of all of the rodent stuff. Shelby does help her mother with the rodents, and has even picked a few rats as pets. She also has three Ball Pythons in the collection. My son is still a little young to help, but he manages to get bit by rats and snakes occasionally, shakes it off and sticks his finger in another cage. Some people never learn.

     Everyone seems to have their own story about how they got started, and here is ours. I have owned all kinds of snakes, lizards and turtles while I was growing up. However, our latest endeavour, Ball Pythons, started when my daughter caught a red eared slider in my bass pond. We kept him for about three months and he died because he wouldn't eat. Well, she decided that she wanted a snake. We took a trip to an exotic pets store that I had driven past on the way home from work. We ended up looking around at Exotics by Nature and talking to Sean Bradley. My daughter ended up bringing home a bearded dragon named Scooby, whom we still have. After about a year of going to Sean's to get crickets once a week, and buying a couple of corn snakes, I started getting interested in Ball Pythons. After doing alot of research, talking to Sean and convincing the wife, I bought a normal female as a pet. Well, as most Ball Python owners know, it quickly becomes addictive. After a tour in Afghanistan with the Marine Corps, I came home and bought as many snakes as I could get my hands on. It has been all downhill since.

     We pride ourselves on the quality of our snakes and our rodent colony, and only sell top-notch animals. Customer service is our primary concern, and we love to just talk snakes. So, feel free to call us if you have any questions or are interested in an animal, and we will do our best to give you a pleasant experience. Look around, enjoy yourself and try not to become addicted to the beauty of the Ball Python.


Tim & Monica Bailey,
Owners of Bailey & Bailey Reptiles