Bailey Birth Records ~ 2018: Redfoot Tortoise Updated: February 3rd, 2019

2018 Clutch #1 Inquire

  • Sire: Max
  • Dame: Joan
  • Eggs: 7
  • Layed:01/01/2018
  • Hatched:06/06/2018
Results: These eggs were in the ground for at least 3 days, and possibly 5 days in 20 degree temperatures.  One egg was partially exposed above ground.  I was very doubtful that they would make it, but 5 babies hatched.  It appears that two eggs are bad, but they are still cooking.  If I had to guess, one of those eggs was the one exposed.  This was still a very cool data point for my future concerns about laying in January and February.  I won't be as concerned as I used to be, although I stil want to find clutches as soon as possible.

2018 Clutch #2 Inquire

  • Sire: Max
  • Dame: Marylin
  • Eggs: 6
  • Layed:01/25/2018
  • Hatched:06/21/2018
Results: 1 egg was broken in the nest / 1 set of Twins hatched on 6-20-18 / 3 hatched on 6-21-18 / 1 egg appears to be bad