The first female that my pastel bred in 04/05.

Pastel breeding another female.

Close-up shot of pastel breeding.

The only female that I had for my hypo in 04/05.

A close-up of hypo breeding.

My Spider breeding his first female in 05.

Hopefully a Super in the making in 05/06.

Axanthic breeding a 66% Het. female in 05/06. His first breeding.

My Albino breeding a female Het. in 05/06. His first breeding.

Spider doing a great job in 05/06.

A normal ovulating from my spider male.

A Het Albino ovulating from an Albino male.

Pastel Poss. Het. G-Stripe finally getting it done.

66% Poss. Het. Axanthic ovulating from my Axanthic male.

First clutch of 06. Hypo x Normal.

The first snake, hatching at our facility, poking it's head out.

A group pic of our first clutch.

The first clutch of snakes to hatch at our facility. 2.3 Het. Hypomelanistics.

Our first Spiders crawling out of their eggs.

A pic of our only Albino, in the egg.

The Albino, that was cut from the egg, it died crawling out. It was severly deformed.

Our first Pastel clutch, dad was also poss. Het. Genetic Stripe.

06/07 A long awaited breeding for us. Come on Pins het Axanthic.

06/07 Our Pin male finally figured out how to breed. Now we need to figure out how to make him slow down.

06/07 Our Mojave male breeding for the second time this season. He is breeding one of our nice reduced pattern girls. Hopefully we can get some reduced mojaves.

06/07 Our Cinnamon male breeding for the second time this season. Hopefully we can get some Cinnys that look like dad.

06/07 Spider breeding a Hypo female. Come on Honeybees.

Our first clutch of the '07 season. She laid 45 days POS and was bred by our Pinstripe. Come on Blast. She still had 1 egg left to go when this picture was taken. 5 eggs total clutch.

My Sulpher male finally getting it done. Hopefully it's not too late for a clutch, this was March 31st.

One of my most anticipated ovulations of the 06/07 breeding season. She was bred by my Axanthic male.

Our first clutch of the '07 season. We ended up with 1 Normal, 1 Pastel, 1 Pinstripe and 2 Lemon Blasts.

A clutch I've been waiting for eagerly. My Pin female bred by my VPI Axanthic.

Our last clutch of 2007 also happens to contain our first set of twins ever. Just normals, but cool none the less.

Our first clutch of the '08 season. This girl was bred by our original Spider.

This is the first clutch of 2008 pipping.

Here are the babies from the first clutch of 2008.

Our most anticipated clutch of 2008. Our Double Het. True Ghost female on eggs.

This is our first Leucistic hatching. It is a Super Mojave Leucy.

Our first clutch off eggs for the 2009 season.

This is an actual shot of Clutch #1/2009 eggs.

Results of Clutch #1/2009. A Pastel and a pair of Yellow Bellies.

Our first clutch of eggs for the 2010 season. They happen to be corn snake eggs, because our Balls are running late this year.