Some tubs and babies in my new baby rack.

A CB70 adult tub set-up.

A CB70 adult rack.

Shoebox baby rack that we use for hatchlings up to about 400-500 gram snakes.

My original building with the cement poured for the addition.

The original building with the addition built.

This is a pic of my original room right before the addition was built. A little bit too cramped.

The addition was where we put the snakes. The old room is used for rats now. Here is the addition.

Baby rack set up in new room.

Some of our baby rats.

My wife does the rats, and thought Dumbo rats were cute, so we bought a breeding group and started breeding them as well.

This is a full shot of the cages that we use for breeding rats.

This is a close-up of one of the cages we use for breeding.

This is a pic of the rat racks that we use for pregnant and nursing moms.

This is a tub in one of the nursing racks.

Incubator we built for the 2006 hatching season.

Behind the scenes shot of wiring for the incubator.

New rodent room during construction.

New rodent room after construction was complete.

New rodent room in use in February of 2007. The old rodent room was taken over with snakes.

Our new ARS hatchling rack, filled with snakes.

Our new ARS rodent rack full of rats and ready for production.