Here is where you can find all of the basic information that you will need to select, purchase and care for your Ball Python.

Here is where you can read about the story of Grace. Grace was a Spider Ball that hatched with her heart outside of her body. We were able to stitch her up, and she made a full recovery to go on to live in Ohio.

Here is a story and picture documentation of a prolapsed hemipene on a male Ball Python and the procedures we used to cure it. COMING SOON

On this page, you will find a write-up on how we ship a box to a customer, and some of the pointers we have learned over the years. Pics included.

This is a new page for us, and as we create new pages to share stories about our collection, care sheets and other experiments and data collected by us, we will post info of that sort here. Check back often, as there will probably be some new interesting reading.