Birth Records > 2016 Clutch #20 – Ball Python

2016 Clutch #20 – Ball Python

Sire: Possible Super Yellow
Dame: Yellow Mojave
Eggs: 6
Slugs: 2
Layed: 08/07/2016
Hatched: 10/07/2016

Results: This is son back to mother.  I am hoping that I can make more Supers and prove out this male, and finally put to bed wether this is a true codominate gene.Dad is obviously not a super, and I'm not sure if there is a possible Super in this clutch.  Also, I didn't think dad was a Mojave, and he was.  So, still much to learn with this project.1.0 Yellow Super Mojave / 1.1 Yellow Gene / 0.1 Yellow Gene Mojave / 0.1 Normal / 1 egg went bad

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