Birth Records > 2020 Litter #2 – Bci

2020 Litter #2 – Bci

Sire: Double Het Sharp Albino Blood
Dame: Het Blood possible Het Sharp Albino
Eggs: 12
Slugs: 4
Hatched: 11/21/2020

Results: 0.0.1 Sharp Albino 66% Het Blood / 0.0.7 66% Double Het Sharp Albino Blood / 1 Normal and 3 Albinos were crushed by mom and deceased when the litter was found. One of the Albinos looked like a snow. I also don't see any Bloods, so either I missed on Bloods and proved the poss Het Albino side, or the breeder had the animal listed backwards, and the Blood gene was possible Het. We'll see again in a year or two.

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