Birth Records > 2021 Clutch #35 – Ball Python

2021 Clutch #35 – Ball Python

Sire: Pastel What Het Clown
Dame: Bumble Bee Blade Clown
Eggs: 8
Layed: 09/03/2021
Hatched: 11/01/2021

Results: 1.0 Pastel Clown / 0.1 Clown / 1.0 Super Pastel Het Clown / 0.1 Bumble Bee Het Clown / 1.2 Pastel Het Clown / 1 egg went bad I'm not sure what is going on here, and the last What Clown clutch wasn't a definitive. I was thinking that my male Pastel What Het Clown is not actually a What. He is not as nice looking as his sisters, but still has the look, maybe a low grade. I will be breeding his sisters in 2022, so maybe that will shed some light on it. Or the What Clowns I have made are just not that extraordinary. more work to do.

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