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Axanthic Enchi

I thought about this animal back in 2006, and 2010 we were able to be the first to create this designer mutation. The VPI Axanthic Enchi is a co-dominant / recessive cross. When these guys first hatched, they had some yellowish tints to them but, have lost those as they age. Just like a regular Enchi, these guys have gotten a “burnt” wash over them as they have aged. As with regular Enchis, as well, they have the white that crawls up the sides in the alien heads (this is yellow) on a regular Enchi. We were lucky enough to produce a pair of these in 2010, and held them both back, as my ultimate goal is the Super Enchi Axanthic. I also plan to breed these to my Lesser Het Axanthic, to try to make Enchi Lesser Axanthics.

I am sure I will think of a few more things to cross this into in the future as well. The girl is pictured above with an Axanthic Pastel.