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Caramel Albino

One of my wife’s favorites. Proven simple recessive in 1996 by New England Reptile Distributors, this color mutation lacks the ability to synthesize melanin, however, the tyrosinase enzyme is turned on and a small amount of melanin is believed to be produced by this enzyme. This leaves an animal that resembles an Albino, but has a purplish or caramel color where the white would be in an amelanistic animal. Other names for this morph include Xanthic Albino or T+ Albino. Our founder male Caramel came from BHB lineage, and we are working with a pair of 2004 hets and some 06 poss. hets. We hope to hatch a Caramel in 2007. We also hope to start a Caramel Glow (CaramelxHypo) project as soon as we can.