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Cinnamon Pastel

I have always loved dark looking animals, so how could I pass up this one. Proven dominant in 2002 by Greg Graziani, and co-dominant in 2002 by Gulf Coast Reptiles. It is a color and pattern mutation that typically has connected alien heads, with connected alien eyes that form a long black line in the alien head. They normally have little to no black present, but are a combination of browns and tans, hence the name. The super form of this animal is a solid black snake. So much is still yet to be done with Super Cinnamons, the combinations with recessive traits should be awesome. Our founding Male and Female were aquired from Sean and Celia at Exotics by Nature. We do have plans to cross our cinnamons with Pastels in the near future to make Pewters, and I can’t wait to be able to make an Axanthic Super Cinny, Hypomelanistic Super Cinny and anything else the brain can imagine.