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Hypo Cinnamon

Our Hypo Cinny has a bit of an interesting story. In 2008, we bred our Cinnamon to a Hypo female, in hopesof making a few Cinny Het Hypos, because I loved the Hypo Cinnys from the first day I saw them. Well, when we cut the eggs, we had a bit of a surprise as you can imagine. We had four eggs, and perfect odds. We hatched .1 Hypo, 1.0 Cinny Het Hypo, 1.0 Het Hypo and 1.0 Hypo Cinnamon. We named the Hypo Cinnamon Gustav, as he happened to hatch during Hurricane Gustav. We were a little concerned, as we did lose power during the hurricane for a couple hours. This morph is an obvious combination of Hypomelanism and Cinnamon Pastel. He has dulledout more and more with each shed, as well as getting more vibrant colors. Our plans forhim are a bit obvious. We will make more Hypo Cinnamons, but we also plan to breed him to a Caramel Albino in 2009/2010 breeding season. We do have a chance to produce a Hypo Super Cinnamon in 2009.