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Who doesn’t love a white snake. In the past few years, we have seen plenty of ways to make one, but we wanted to try and get them all. We picked this girl up from Brian at BHB in 2009, and have been preparing her for breeding. Her first pairing will probably be with a Pastel Ivory (she is pictured with him above). Who wouldn’t want an army of these girls. This is the homozygous form of a co-dominant mutation and was first produced by Dan and Colette Suthyerland of TSK in 2003. It is opretty self explanatory in it’s description. An all white snake with a “dirty” head. The do have a faint yellow stripe on the dorsum that either stays light as they age, or almost disappears. They will also have some purple coloration around bordering the stripe in the aft part of the body.