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A great looking morph that has proven to cross nicely with other morphs, and to produce the BEL. This is Monica’s project, as she is the one hoping for that coveted white snake. Proven dominant in 2000 by Snake Keeper, and co-dominant in 2005 by Snake Keeper, this color and pattern mutation has an overall greenish tint, with bright yellows as a hatchling, typically has floating alien heads and tons of flames or burnt areas between the alien heads. The Super form of this morph is a Blue Eyed Leucistic. The Super form generally has a purplish tint to it’s head, and some slight color on its dorsum. The white is formed by a lack of chromatophores (skin cells that hold pigment). Our founding Male and Female were acquired from Sean and Celia at Exotics by Nature. We do have plans to make an Axanthic Mojave, Hypomelanistic Mojave, and a Caramel Mojave. And of course, my wife is hoping to see some white in the near future.