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Pastel Jungle

A great beginner morph, because of price and the endless combination possibilities. Proven dominant in 1997 by Greg Graziani and incomplete dominant in 1999 by New England Reptile Distributors, this color mutation is distinguishable by its brighter yellow and blacker black colors. Also the saddles of these animals often have a blushed (fading black) appearance. When bred together, you get Super Pastels, a more extreme form of the Pastel. Our founding male and female came from Sean Bradley at EbN. We also acquired a male Pastel Possible Het for Genetic Stripe this year. I think this will be a real interesting project and look forward to producing some babies from it. We hope to hatch a couple more females this year and hope to hatch a Super in 2006.

Another great combo animal, we hope to make some LemonBlasts (PastelxPinstripe), BumbbleBees (PastelxSpider) and Pewters (PastelxCinnamon) in the future.