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Pastel Woma

We needed a Woma female in 2009 since we didn’t produce any, and why not make it a Pastel version. This double co-dominant mutation was first produced by Kevin McCurly at NERD in assumed 2003 (a Spider/Woma/Pastel was first produced that year). It is a combination of a Pastel and a Woma. The Pastel gene overrides some of the pattern from the Woma, and makes the banding a bit wider, but otherwise, it is what one would picture from mashing the two base mutations together. We acquired this beautiful girl from Sean Bradley at Exotics by Nature. I am not sure what we will put on this girl first just yet, but I can think of a few ideas. One of the first ones that comes to mind is a Stinger Bee. Who knows. Maybe in 2011.