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This addition to our collection was just amazing. I tried to produce a Pewter in 2006, and my Pastel female didn’t lay eggs. So, we started looking for a Pewter, and put up a trade ad. Paul Wyble from Steel City Exotics replied, and was looking for a couple of our animals and had a “Pewter plus” for trade. Well we took Paul up on the offer, and one-upped our Pewter addition. I have also always wanted a Super Pastel, and we accomplished two wants with one snake. A Sterling Pastel is a designer morph that consists of a Homozygous Pastel and a Heterozygous Cinnamon Pastel all rolled into one snake. It looks very similar to a Pastel, however, it is more faded, and they typically have less pattern than a Pewter, Pastel or a Cinnamon. I love having this girl in our collection, but with all of the possibilities, I really don’t have a clue what we will breed to her first.