Variable Kingsnake (Thayeri)




Variable Kingsnake (Thayeri) Birth Records


2020 Clutch #3 – Variable King

Results: This girl laid 10 eggs, and started having issues laying very large, round eggs. I have aspirated 5 so far, and she laid them over a 4 day period. She still has at least 3 more in her that will likely need to be aspirated, as of July 2. 1.1 hatched, and 1 baby died in the egg / all other eggs went bad At least I hatched a very nice female to replace mom.

2020 Clutch #2 – Variable King

Results: I keep thinking this girl is too small to breed, and she never saw a male. I guess next year, I'll put the male in woith her to try and get some good eggs. I am really looking forward to babies from this girl.

2020 Clutch #1 – Variable King

Results: 0.0.8 hatched / 2 eggs went bad - I will sex them when they get a bit bigger.

2019 Clutch #1 – Variable King

Results: 7 hatched (2.5)
2018 Clutch #1 - Variable Kingsnake (Thayeri)

2018 Clutch #1 – Variable Kingsnake (Thayeri)

Results: All eggs went bad